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This website is home to the full range of Leitvox projects: music, videos, music software and artworks.

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-Christian Cooley-

Christian Cooley

Mexico City musician, producer and electronic artist Christian Cooley founded Leitvox in 2010. Leitvox focuses on the music world’s most important 
specialties: original music, music production and music software.

Now Leitvox expands its portfolio with design and engineering support for the visual arts, adding its signature intelligence and technical expertise to the three-dimensional art object.

All Leitvox work leverages our proprietary sound, production and design techniques, drawing on expert collaborations with renowned musicians and designers committed to the success of the Leitvox project.


Fall From You (EP)-2012
  1. Tranisition

  2. Fall From You

  3. After Dark

  4. The Road Not Taken

  5. Remains Of The Sun

Floating Promises -2016
  1. Two Tribes (Ft. Emma Fox & Gavin Clark)

  2. Crime (Ft. Ana Karla)

  3. Evasion

  4. A Whole Other Country (Ft. Gavin Clark)

  5. Floating Promises (Ft. Nina Miranda)

  6. Pale Love (Ft. Ana Karla)

  7. Parallel Suns (Ft. Tony Browne)

  8. Gift (Ft. Emma Fox & Gavin Clark)

  9. Crystal Shadows (Ft. Ana Karla & Tony Browne)

  10. ---Bonus Tracks---

  11. Fall From You (Nortec Panoptica Version)

  12. Fall From You (Nortec Panoptica Version)
  13. Floating Promises (Son Lux Remix)

  14. Mirrors

  15. A Whole Other Country (Reuben Wu - Ladytron Remix)

  16. A Whole Other Country (GusGus vs Tworld Remix)

Leitvox Software

Leitvox Software brings you cutting-edge, stand-alone programs continually in use at Leitvox—and all specially designed for Leitvox productions.

Christian Cooley programs every application, and—best of all— every app can be downloaded for free!

They're sure to ramp up both your composition and production.

System Requirements:
Mac PPC or Intel machine running OS X 10.4.11 or later, and 1 GB of RAM.


Arperk is a dynamic arpeggeator composed of three interconnected, beat-synchronized engines that generate MIDI notes-and each engine has its own independent sequencer. Individual outputs can be routed to different internal and external destinations. With Arperk, one engine could send MIDI information to a soft synthesizer (like NI Absynth), the second one might transmit to your EXS24 sampler in Logic Pro, and the third one (via a MIDI interface) could head for your Roland Juno hard synthesizer.


Randrum is a one-of-a-kind, sample-based drum machine that lets you create beats with rich random timbres. Randrum features a 32-step sequencer that lets you adjust the gain of each step. Drag a folder with your favorite drum samples, and Randrum randomly decides which sample is assigned to each step. Randrum chooses 32 different samples for every cycle, meaning repetition is practically impossible. Randrum also features a multi-mode internal filter, a stereo spread function, and a internal VST plug-in component-so you can load any VST FX into the drum machine.


Virtual technologies and the physical artwork come together at Leitvox ART, creating intelligent pieces that explore motion, light and sound. Concepts, software and electronic engineering starts with Christian Cooley; he collaborates with visual artists and designers to produce final designs and physicalities.

Ambient One

Leitvox Ambient One is an intelligent light sculpture that mimics random motions perceived in nature.The sculpture is USB connected, controlled by software that comes with the sculpture. Near you computer or on your desk, Ambient One projects deep, creative environments for work and life. Design-inspired by the honeycomb—one of nature’s most perfect forms—its 24 hexagonal panels hold an individual LED; light intensities emerge from artwork software that calculates algorithms and simulates natural movement. The resulting patterns can practically never be repeated.

Ambient One is also sensitive to light and movement; LEDs react in dialogue with surrounding light levels. Movement sensor activation makes the entire piece touch-free.


Concept, electronic engineering and computer programing by Christian Cooley/design by Alessius.

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