Floating Promises

Floating Promises


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  1. Two Tribes (feat. Emma Fox & Gavin Clark)
  2. Crime (feat. Ana Karla)
  3. Evasion
  4. A Whole Other Country (feat. Gavin Clark)
  5. Floating Promises (feat. Nina Miranda)
  6. Pale Love (feat. Ana Karla)
  7. Paralllel Suns (feat. Tony Browne)
  8. Gift (feat. Emma Fox & Gavin Clark)
  9. Crystal Shadows (feat. Ana Karla & Tony Browne)
  10. Fall From You (Nortec Panoptica Version)
  11. Floating Promises (Son Lux Remix)
  12. Mirrors
  13. A Whole Other Country (Reuben Wu - Ladytron Remix)
  14. A Whole Other Country (GusGus vs Tworld Remix)